Finally, A Programming Academy Built for Your  Short- and Long-Term Success Bov Academy is primarily an innovation hub, a place where you train to become successful (get a good programming job) even as you build technology to advance humanity and secure your own long-term success. Your Short- and Long-Term Success

Become a Highly Paid Frontend Engineer or UI/UX Developer
In Just 3–6 Months

Become an Elite Specialized Software Engineer Frontend Engineer, Backend Engineer, Fullstack Engineer, AI Fullstack Engineer, Algorithms Engineer, Autonomous Engineer, Algorithmologist Specialized Software Engineer Career Paths

And Build Technologies that Advance Humanity at Scale


Choose the Career Path That's Right for You

Web Programming Career Paths

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Become a highly paid and proficient and confident frontend engineer with a specialization in one of the following:

  • Frontend Engineering: Focus on becoming a proficient frontend engineer, equivalent to a bonafide software engineer
  • Frontend Development:Focus on becoming a proficient frontend developer, similar to an advanced, modern web developer
  • UI/UX Development: Focus on UI/UX development, less focus on programming and more on UI development
  • Internet Startup: Build your own startup or an MVP for your startup, customized curriculum

Become a proficient and confident and highly paid backend engineer with a specialization in one of the following:

  • Node Stack: Node, JavaScript, MongoDB, APIs, and more
  • Blockchain and Node: Blockchain along with the Node Stack described above
  • Python Stack: Python, PostgreSQL, and more, path to AI
  • AI, Machine Learning: Mathematics for AI engineers, Machine Learning, big data, data mining, data analysis

Become a world-class fullstack engineer with a specialization in high-demand:

  • Select any of the Frontend or Backend specializations

Software Engineering Career Paths

Coming Fall 2019

AI Fullstack Engineer
This career path focuses on advanced programing techniques, computer science concepts and maths, advanced algorithms, AI and machine learning, and more, all relevant to fullstack engineering. It prepares you to develop intelligent fullstack apps of the sort being developed today and that will become standardized soon.
AI Fullstack Engineer
Algorithms Engineer
You will train to become one of the world's foremost algorithms engineer. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and Bov Academy need skilled algorithms engineer and are eager to pay them well. You will study, optimize, and create consequential algorithms that run critical processes and machines in areas such as the web, banking, biotechnology, cosmology, etc.
Algorithms Engineer
Autonomous Engineer
Autonomous Engineers are in extremely high demand and paid better than nearly every other software engineers. They work with machine learning and other complex computer science principles and build autonomous, futuristic technologies, including autonomous cars and drones, and other AI-driven platforms.
Autonomous Engineer
Algorithmology—created by the founder of Bov Academy, Richard Bovell—is a new branch of computer science. An algorithmologist studies algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock the naturally occurring algorithms of nature and the universe. This career path begins in early 2019. You can apply now to secure one of the highly selective limited spots.

Get a Customized Education in a Specialized Field of Software Engineering

You don't want a crash course in programming, and a computer science degree is too costly and time-consuming, even unnecessary, to become a specialized software engineer. Get a huge advantage over other web developers when you achieve proficiency in well-paid area of specialization.

Make Your Most Rewarding Educational Investment

Pay a fraction of what you would pay for a college degree, graduate in just 8-12 months, and earn a larger starting salary than the average college graduate in your country earns —a better value than 2- or 4-year colleges!

Become Part of Something Truly Extraordinary

Bov Academy is the most ambitious educational institution. Students not only train to become elite software engineers, but they also work together to build technologies that will exponentially transform humanity, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Global Prosperity Through Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology

Bov Academy students and graduates make up the entire software engineering team at AI Humanity

What Distinguishes Bov Academy From Other Coding Academies?

  • We Push You to Maximize Your Potential for Success and Enduring Success Bov Academy was architected, from its inception, to help students realize Success and Enduring Success. Success is achieved when a student becomes confident and proficient in their career path and go on to get a good job. The academy also helps students with a path to enduring success. Outstanding students and graduates of Bov Academy are recruited to work for AI Humanity, where they are paid very well. Success and Enduring Success
  • You Train to Become Confident and Proficient (You learn up to 50% more than you would elsewhere)
  • You Get Everything You Could Wish for in a Programming Academy:
  • Instructor feedback on your projects and assignments
  • Collaboration on group projects with other students
  • Comprehensive, sophisticated training in UI/UX development
  • In-depth problem-solving training, including algorithmic solutions
  • Proper programming education
  • Lessons in software engineering and application architecture
  • Exhaustive tooling and technology training for your career path
  • Specialization in rewarding, in-demand careers
  • Participation in hackathons, where consequential projects are built
  • Opportunity to build a real application you will benefit from and get paid to develop

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What You Need to Succeed at Bov Academy

Sufficient Time to Study + Purpose or Passion + At Least Avg. Problem-Solving Competence

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Education 5.0: The Future of Education

Pursue a Successful Career while Building Consequential Technologies that Benefit You and Humanity

Designed to Maximize Your Potential and Opportunity for Short- and Long-Term Success.

Better Value

No Wasted Effort: Learn Just What Really Matters

Pay a Fraction of College Tuition

Graduate in Little Time, Yet Learn Just about Everything You Need to Know

Make a Bigger Starting Salary Each graduate's actual salary depends on many factors, including but not limited to the job market dynamics, and graduate's country of residence and qualifications. Bigger Starting Salary than the Median Starting Salary of Top US University Graduates

Train to Become Proficient and Confident

Long-Term Success

Get Recognition and Long-Term Benefits from Some Written Assignments

For Your Thesis, Build a Project You Can Benefit from for Years

Get Paid to Build Professional Projects for Some Assignments

Network with and Get Help from Multitalented Peers

Acquire Intangible Skills that will Benefit You in Your Lifetime

Massive Impact

Assignments will Help Hundreds of Thousands Around the Globe

Thesis Designed to Advance Humanity in Some Regard

Mandatory Innovative Project May Bring Industry Recognition and Posterity

Collaborative Projects Built for Bov Academy will Help Millions