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Can a Single JavaScript Course
Significantly Increase Your Salary? Yes
(4 courses in 1—available as a single course for the first time)

Becoming a JavaScript Expert

Learn almost the entire JavaScript language, advanced JavaScript programming, software engineering for web programmers, and more

  • 21 comprehensive major subjects and over 200 of the most important concepts covered (plus a bonus advanced course)
  • When you complete this course, you can increase your salary by tens of thousands of dollars
  • Over 40 exercises and more than three dozen projects and applications
    (Watching and/or reading JavaScript [JS] tutorials alone won't help you advance your programming career; you need to build real JS projects and applications as you learn. These exercises, projects, and applications are the most important part of your JS training. They will advance your JS confidence and skills and your overall programming and software engineering skills.)
  • Course covers from beginning to advanced to beyond advanced—including tooling, problem-solving, OOP, composition, software design patterns, software engineering foundation, architecting web applications, and much more
  • No monthly fee, so no need to rush through your studies without learning properly or waste money every month when you have little to no time to study; you always have access to this course
  • Every concept covered in depth and with clarity (if you don't understand something, we will update the course accordingly to add more clarity)
  • Free access to chapter updates, and even to additional subjects if and when we add any
  • Course available for sale as a single course for a limited time: The course is typically part of two full career paths that cost thousands of dollars
  • Plus: It comes with a HUGE BONUS, an entire advanced computer science JavaScript course: Discrete Math Concepts in JavaScript
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  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with JavaScript
  • Chapter 2: Intro to JavaScript Core
  • Chapter 3: Intro to the DOM
  • Chapter 4: Mastering the DOM
  • Chapter 5: JavaScript Events in Depth
  • Chapter 6: Handling Data: JSON and XML
  • Chapter 7: Regular Expressions in Depth
  • Chapter 8: Strict Mode
  • Chapter 9: Handling Errors in JavaScript
  • Chapter 10: AJAX in Depth
  • Chapter 11: Frontend Datastore: Cookies, LocalStorage, and More
  • Chapter 12: ECMAScript 2015 for Frontend Developers
  • Chapter 13: Using Custom Events in JavaScript
  • Chapter 14: Optimizing the Performance of JavaScript Web Applications
  • Chapter 15: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) in JavaScript, Part 1
  • Chapter 16: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) JavaScript Part 2
  • Chapter 17: JavaScript Design Patterns
  • Chapter 18: Introduction to Problem Solving and Writing Better Code
  • Chapter 19: Frontend Tooling Principles
  • Chapter 20: Architecting an Application
  • Chapter 21: Utilizing Your Entire JavaScript Expertise: Building a Sophisticated Real-World JavaScript Application

Important Note: The subjects for the bonus Discrete Math Concepts in JavaScript course is not shown above.

Become an advanced JavaScript programmer
and significantly increase your income

$1290 Pay What You Can Afford
See the country prices below

We use Purchasing power parity to help people from different countries afford the course:

  • United States: $290 (0 deduction)
  • India: $132 (-54.2%)
  • Brazil: $236 (-18.5%)
  • UK: $211 (-27%)
  • For other countries, simply subtract the Purchasing power parity percentage from $290.

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Learn almost the entire JavaScript language—beginner to beyond advanced

Many aspiring programmers read dozens of online tutorials on many websites and pay for different JavaScript courses and still struggle to become a JavaScript pro. This single course covers almost the entire JavaScript language and gives you the chance to develop all sorts of pure JS projects—from the simple to the highly complex to beyond advanced; all together they help you become a JS expert.

Advance your programming career and boost your salary with one course

Pay a fraction of what you would pay for a coding boot camp or series of online courses and still become a JS expert and see a significant boost in your salary.

After you complete the course, you will have the JavaScript knowledge and expertise for any of these careers:

  • JavaScript professor or instructor
  • Intermediate or advanced JavaScript engineer
  • Frontend developer or engineer: Depending on the job requirements, you may have to also learn UI development and a framework like React or Vue
  • Web programmer or web developer: You will need to learn UI development with HTML and CSS
  • Backend JavaScript engineer: You will have to learn at least one backend web framework like Node/Express and a database like MongoDB or MySQL, among other backend principles and third-party modules and libraries.

$1290Pay What You Can Afford
See the country prices below

    We use Purchasing power parity to help people from different countries afford the course:
  • United States: $290 (0 deduction)
  • India: $132 (-54.2%)
  • Brazil: $236 (-18.5%)
  • UK: $211 (-27%)
  • For other countries, simply subtract the Purchasing power parity percentage from $290.