Bov Academy

of Programming and Futuristic Engineering

About Us

Bov Academy, a programming and engineering academy, educates ordinary people and equips and empowers them to create groundbreaking technologies to advance humanity.

The academy was founded in 2015 by Richard Bovell, a computer scientist, author, and prominent blogger ( Richard believes that technology, particularly software, can solve most of the problems that afflict humanity.

We not only believe that technology can solve most of humanity’s problems, but we train our students to create these technologies and to help realize the ambitious goals set forth by our founder, as detailed in our Mission.

As part of their coursework, our students tackle real-world challenges, working on software that will:

  • Help eradicate poverty and related eradicable diseases
  • Use AI to help scientists and the public tackle the toughest problems in evolution and other fields
  • Document all of human knowledge
  • Reduce generational crime and hardship
  • Create jobs for millions around the globe
  • Educate unskilled people and equip them with the resources for high-earning careers
  • Facilitate breakthroughs in futuristic engineering to help humans live healthier and more meaningful lives

Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

We educate and inspire our students to work passionately on monumental problems. We push our students to do more than they think they can. As Richard encourages, “If you ever have any doubts that you are capable of doing extraordinary things, remember that extraordinary things are accomplished by ordinary people like you, exactly like you, who earn high praise for the impact of their exceptional work—the embodiment of their own ambitiousness and relentlessness."

Our Students

Our students come from myriad backgrounds and from over twenty countries and they range from teenagers to sexagenarians. Our first cohort began in January, 2016; some expect to graduate as early as April, 2017. We have over 125 students in our program, and new groups start every month. The Bov Academy Students website (launching soon), which will feature our students' profiles and portfolios, is being developed by some of our own students as part of their coursework.