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Career Path 3E: Elite Frontend Developer

As a frontend developer, you will develop the frontend of applications using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS; the latest libraries and fronted frameworks; and other technologies and tools. Often, you will work with designers and backend developers to build complete web applications. Many frontend developers make as much some doctors do; indeed, they are among the highest paid and most sought after developers.

Overall, being a frontend developer is highly rewarding; not just because of the high pay and job security, but also because end users use and enjoy your work every day—sometimes millions or even hundreds of millions of users, depending on the company you work for or the applications you build. What contentment, what gratification, what glee.

Choose this Career Path If

  • You want one of the most exciting, satisfying, highly paid, highly rewarding, and always in demand web developer positions that requires you to work mostly with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and a healthy serving of frontend tools and technologies.
  • You want to develop not just frontend web applications, but also mobile and desktop apps and intelligent (AI) applications.
  • You want to become a fullstack Elite developer. This career path is the first half of Career Path 5E (Elite Fullstack Developer).
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What You Will Be Able to Do After You Graduate

You will be able to design and develop user interfaces and user experiences for all sorts of web apps, and even for some mobile apps, using professional tools and technologies. You will be able to develop intermediate modern frontend applications (though not with a frontend framework like Backbone or Angular). You will be able to build complete frontend applications on your own and competently implement user interfaces designed by others.

You will also know how to build complete frontend JavaScript applications swiftly and confidently, without the need for frameworks like React.js or Angular; and your JavaScrpt proficiency and web programming knowledge will enable you to quickly learn and use any frontend-realted technogies, including popular and common frameworks.

Jobs You may Qualify For: JavaScript Frontend Developer, Frontend Engineer, JavaScript Developer, UI/UX Developer

Range of Salary for UI/UX Developers: $80,000–$140,0000

Firms in big cities such as San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and London pay considerably more than firms in smaller cities and villages, hence the wide salary range.

Salary Sources: and

Total Time to Graduate

4 to 6 months (recommended 4–6 hours a day)

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