Bov Academy
of Programming and Innovation

Work for Us and Enjoy Life

We don't care where you went to school or where you live. If you have grit, you have empathy and integrity, you know JavaScript modern web development or cybersecurity exceedingly well, you sincerely care about helping others, and you are highly creative, send us an email introducing yourself. Make sure you send your GitHub profile and a list of the noteworthy projects you have worked on, and highlight your specific role and work on each project.

Why working for us will help to enliven, enrich, and add wonder to your life:

  • You will be paid handsomely. Yet, no matter how much you will make, any financial reward will pale in comparison with the euphoric and life changing rewards you will experience as we travel together on this audacious and pioneering journey to help others improve their circumstances and to help make the world better than we found it.
  • If you are hired as one of our first or core employees, you get to enjoy every success (small, medium, or tremendous) that we may be fortunate to realize, just as the early employees at other successful startups have gone on to become both financially successful and renowned.
  • Help to shape the future of web development by using, recommending, and teaching a new generation of developers the technologies that matter most and the technologies leaping ahead of modernity. Also, get the opportunity to build wickedly cool user experiences using all sorts of proven and pioneering technologies.
  • You will develop and create ambitious, pioneering projects, including Bov Academy (this project), Know.Modern Developer, Encyclopedia.Modern Developer, and Knewro.Modern Developer; the last three are pioneering projects set to revolutionize the way developers work, consume, and live. Read a synopsis of each here:
  • Enjoy a new form of office experience a couple of months each year: the nomadic exotic office. Yep, work from an exotic, enriching location one to two months each year, for enlightenment, for creativity, for enrichment, for advancement.
  • You will never work in cubicles "'packed in like battery hens, ... with the illusion of individual offices.'" (
  • You will definitely make a positive 'dent on the Universe'. Our primary concern is helping developers (indeed all sorts of people) learn well, excel, and live a more enriching life. Nearly everything we do directly or indirectly improves people's life, even though we are neither a charity nor a nonprofit.
  • Just as we care deeply about our students and customers, so too, we care deeply about you. We value your sleep, your family, your health, and your general well-being. We work, empower others, prosper, enjoy life, and leave the place better than we found it.

Should you consider quitting your Google or Facebook job (or any other job) to work for us?

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