Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How is your program different from learn-to-code websites and online and offline programming bootcamps?

    1. Bov Academy is a real software engineering school. Bov Academy may be the only pure software engineering school that offers multiple specialized software engineering career paths. While most boot camps teach you to become a web developer of some kind, Bov Academy is the only place where you can graduate as a specialized software engineer in many career paths (e.g., autonomous engineer, algorithms engineer, performance art software engineer, algorithmologist, and full stack AI engineer).
    2. Bov Academy is your final step to becoming an elite engineer. Because our curriculum covers what you need to know, to an advanced level and even beyond, and because you gain invaluable real-world experience developing applications and projects that matter (see below), Bov Academy will be your final educational destination to becoming an elite software engineer.
    3. Bov Academy provides a comprehensive and proper education. Bov Academy provides a proper education, not a crash course—an education that offers affordable tuition and opportunities for mastery in a highly technical profession, leading to positions that offer lucrative salaries. We provide a comprehensive program in each of the career paths we offer. (See our Education 5.0 page for more information.)
    4. Bov Academy has designed the best courses in the career paths it offers. We have the best programming courses, of any courses, anywhere. Period. We know this because we researched the best courses in each specialized field and either improved our own course to be just as good or license the better course if we couldn’t find an excellent author to write one better from scratch. As a student of Bov Academy, if you find a better course elsewhere, and we determine it is indeed more worthy than our relevant course, we will gladly consider adding that course to our program.
    5. Bov Academy students build real-world projects that matter. Our students build real-world, consequential projects, some of which will reach hundreds of millions of people around the globe.
    6. Bov Academy encourages and facilitates student innovation. Innovation is one of the key pillars of Bov Academy. Every student innovates, and our students and graduates create some of the most revolutionary technologies and solve some of the toughest social and technical problems in the world, via the applications they build.

  2. How much does the program cost and how long does it take to complete?

    We offer many career paths, each similar to a degree from a university, except that our career paths take considerably less time to complete and cost a fraction of most university tuition. Each career path can be completed in just 7–12 months. To see the price for any career path, go to the Career Paths page and click on any of the career paths buttons. Scroll to the bottom of the selected career path to see the price of that career path.

  3. Do I need to have experience in programming or have an elementary web development or programming education to join your program?

    Any sufficiently competent person can apply to Bov Academy and join our program, as we teach from the basics to advanced and beyond. However, our program is best suited for:

    • Persons passionate about technology and very determined and gritty
    • Individuals with an affinity for problem-solving
    • Graduates of a programming boot camp or any similar program

  4. How does the program work?

    Check out How It Works for details.

  5. Will I be employable in the Career Path I graduate from?

    After you graduate, you will be more employable than most college graduates. You will also likely earn more than the average college graduate in the city where you live.

    In addition, what you lack in professional programming experience you will make up for with the real-world experience you gained building projects during your studies. Your relevant knowledge and expertise in the career path you chose will make you an attractive prospect for any employer hiring in your career path.

  6. What are your refund and cancellation policies?

    Important: The following refund policy applies to students on the monthly tuition, not to students who enrolled during the first or second cohort.

    Students who cancel their enrollment before their career path begins (on its official start date) will receive a 100% refund.

    Students may cancel their monthly account (monthly tuition) at any time in the month; however, no refund will be given once a payment has been processed.

    The following policies apply to students on the seven-month plan:

    1. Students who cancel their enrollment before the start of their career path will receive a 100% refund.
    2. Students who cancel their enrollment within 14 days of the start of their career path will be charged for the first month plus 5% of the total remaining for the six months.
    3. Students who cancel their enrollment within 21 days will be charged for the first month plus 15% of the total remaining for the six months.
    4. After 21 days of the first month, no refund will be given on the seven-month plan.

    The official start date of your career path is the date you are notified that your career will begin. You will get this via email. You can start your career path after the official start date, but the refund days noted above refer to the official start date, not to the date you start the program.

  7. If I cancel my subscription, will my coursework still count towards graduation when I return?

    In most cases, we will still have your coursework on record. In this event, we will evaluate your previous work and only make you repeat a course if it has undergone significant changes due to the ever-evolving state of the technologies we work with. Whenever possible, your previous student experience will still be counted towards program completion.

  8. What is the age limit for your program?

    Students must be at least 14 years of age. Students under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian's permission to enroll in and participate in our program.

If you have another question, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.