How It Works

General Prerequisites

Just as graduates of the prestigious universities (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.) are considered the most elite and well-educated, so too are Bov Academy graduates expected to be exceptional. However, unlike those universities, who accept only the highest academic achievers, we accept ambitious, relentless, and passionate students, no matter their prior academic achievement, and we train them to become exceptional and successful and to build groundbreaking technologies.

To register in our beginning career paths, Frontend Engineer and Fullstack Engineer, you need these main qualifications:

  • Competent Problem-Solving Skills: You must be able to confidently solve at least basic algebra and logic problems.
  • Sufficient Time to Study: You must be able to put in least 28 hours a week to give yourself a chance of completing the program in a timely manner and thus maximize your chances for success.
  • Purpose or Passion: As Richard detailed in his comprehensive series Everything You Want to Know and Should Know About Becoming a Programmer or Software Engineer, you need to have passion for programming or, alternatively, have a earnest purpose. If you lack both purpose and passion, you will likely quit sometime during the training or sometime after.

After you apply, you will receive an email, which includes a link to schedule the mandatory admission interview. You will learn within a couple of days after the interview if you are accepted in the career path you applied for.

Specific Qualifications for Some Career Paths

Some career paths—including , AI Fullstack Engineer, Algorithms Engineer, Autonomous Engineer, and Algorithmologist—require either a CS degree, a completion of one of the other Bov Academy career paths, or advanced-level programming skills.

To qualify, you need only take our admission interview. We will email you the specific requirements qualifications and what you should study for in preparation for the admission interview, after you apply to one of the aforementioned career paths.

Course Format

Our students take our courses online using our integrated platform.

Depending on the specialization you choose, you will take some courses at one or two of the course platforms we partner with.

Our Policy on Assigning Chapters and Courses

Just as students take one course at a time at university, so, too do Bov Academy students take one course at a time and one chapter at a time. We unlock a new chapter of a course for a student when the student submits the prior chapter. We do not assign or unlock all of the courses and chapters at once for any career path.

Career Paths and Courses

Each career path provides a complete education, tailored for a specific career or interest, and takes 4-12 months (depending on the career path) to complete. Our career paths are ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to pursue a high-earning and rewarding career in programming, AI, or web programming—for example, in frontend engineering, fullstack engineering, AI fullstack engineering, and algorithms engineering.
  • Programmers who want to work on groundbreaking and futuristic technologies.

Pinnacle Project: Graduation Project that Advances Humanity

Every student builds a real-world graduation project, your Pinnacle Project, which can be a for-profit or nonprofit and must advance humanity in some regard.

Typically, your Pinnacle Project is a big project with far-reaching potential, and you could possibly benefit financially from the project for many years. You can work on a Bov Academy or AI Humanity revolutionary project for your Pinnacle Project.

Job Preparation

We help you with job preparedness, including preparation for technical interviews.

Real-World Experience that Boosts Your Expertise, Earning Potential, and Prestige

You may get the opportunity publish professional articles and build at least one sophisticated real-world application that has the potential to help you with long-term success. This experience will boost your earning potential, likely improve your web-programming professional stature, and prepare you for good programming jobs.