Our Mission

Bov Academy focuses on the following three primary goals, all with a global reach:


Train and Inspire Ordinary People to Become Exceptional Engineers

We train ordinary people to excel in the rewarding fields of programming and futuristic engineering. We inspire them to do much more than they think they can do and much more than just find a job; we push them to become so skilled and confident, so ambitious and audacious, as to use their expertise to pursue enduring success and to simultaneously help create groundbreaking technology to advance humanity.


Create Rewarding Careers for Hundreds of Millions Around the World

The revolutions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics will inevitably wipe out millions of jobs (likely hundreds of millions over the coming few years) just as the software revolution eliminated millions of jobs over the last four decades and continues to do today. To prevent this looming global affliction, we use the very job-killing technologies (software, AI, robotics, and engineering) in innovative ways to create new, enriching careers, and also to empower hundreds of millions of people with rewarding jobs.

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Create Technology, Including Futuristic Technology, to Advance Humanity

We create groundbreaking technologies and provide access to resources to advance humanity intellectually and technologically; we do this to help people live healthier and safer and to give them access to the conveniences they need to succeed.