Bov Academy

of Programming and Futuristic Engineering

Our Mission

Bov Academy focuses on three primary goals, all with a global reach:

  1. Train Programmers and Engineers to Become Exceptional and Inspire them to do Extraordinary Things: We train ordinary people to excel in the rewarding fields of programming and futuristic engineering. We inspire them to do much more than they think they can do and much more than find a job; we push them to become so skilled and confident, so ambitious and audacious, as to use their expertise to pursue enduring success, and to simultaneously help create projects and pioneering technology to improve the world in the areas they (our graduates) are passionate about.
  2. Create Technology, Including Futuristic Technology, to Advance Humanity: We create groundbreaking technologies, futuristic technologies, and provide access to resources to advance humanity intellectually and technologically; we do this to help people live healthier and safer and to give them access to the conveniences they need to succeed.
  3. Help Create Careers for Millions: The revolutions in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics will inevitably wipe out millions of jobs (likely hundreds of millions over the coming years) just as the software revolution eliminated millions over the last four decades and continues to do today. To prevent this looming global affliction, we aim to use the very job-killing technologies (software, AI, robotics, and engineering) in innovative ways to create new, enriching careers, not just jobs, for millions of people.

We have an innovative, well-organized plan to achieve each goal, and we have a massive team of relentless, highly trained engineers working on solutions to accomplish the goals.

By December 2018, we expect to have created careers for millions around the globe. By December 2020, we expect to have eradicated homelessness in a major city in the United States; and within a few years of that success, we will eradicate homelessness in other big and small cities. By December 2027, we expect to have reduced world poverty by more than 50%. We plan to do all of this through our revolutionary program, a company unlike every other, which we will announce sometime around April, 2017. If you want to learn more, join our mailing list. See the "Get Updates" section below.

Solvable Problems

We describe a solvable problem as any factor that negatively impacts the health and wellness of humanity and that can be completely eradicated from our societies with practical measures. These problems include poverty, rampant crime, lack of access to clean water (including temperate water) and sanitation, lack of proper education, inadequate resources for physical and mental wellness, inadequate agriculture, lack of access to essential feminine hygiene products, lack of refuge for refugees, generational neediness, lack of dental wellness, and diseases (especially air pollution [kills 6.5 million a year], malaria, elephantiasis, polio, and the number of other curable diseases that still plague hundreds of thousands and millions around the globe), to name a few. In addition, we will target dozens of smaller, often ignored human inconveniences in communities—inconveniences that themselves contribute to some of the larger problems.

Although we will introduce revolutionary solutions and strategies to solve these problems, we will work with and help to accelerate the heroic efforts by the people and organizations already making a massive difference to mitigate the very eradicable problems.

Programming and Futuristic Engineering

Over the coming months and years, we will focus on programming and breakthroughs in AI and engineering to create innovative technologies and advanced solutions in the transportation, computing, robotics, and manufacturing industries. We will use these innovations to help modernize cities and villages and to relieve the plight of countless across the globe.

You can help us accomplish these goals.

How Can You Help

No matter how much or little you know or how noble or impressive your stature, you can help us accomplish the goals and help to transform the world and humanity for the better. You can help in one of two major ways:

1. Bov Academy Students: We designed our Bov Academy curriculum to help our students become exceptional and, in the process, accomplish some of the goals described above by building real-world technology to address real-world problems and advance humanity. As active and relentless students in our program, our first cohort has already begun working on the noted problems, and over 70% of them will build and work directly with technologies to help advance humanity. In fact, every cohort will get the opportunity to build consequential projects.

2. Everyone: We need help from hundreds of thousands, even millions, of people to help us realize the noted ambitious goals. To learn how you can be a part of our mission, enter your name and email below. We will follow up with you in early 2017.

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