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AI Fullstack Engineer

As an AI fullstack engineer, you will develop intelligent web applications. Many new startups and big companies such as Google and Facebook and many others are developing intelligent web applications that heighten user experience automate processes that previously couldn't be automated.

A graduate of this career path will be skilled enough to work with autonomous technologies.


You must have a computer science degree or equivalent or must be a graduate of Bov Academy's fullstack engineer program.

Choose this Career Path If Any of the Following Applies to You

  • You want to improve your fullstack development or engineering skills and increase your opportunities for a successful long-term career by learn machine learning and AI.
  • You want to build AI-driven applications and work with autonomous technologies.
  • If you have questions about this career path, schedule a free career evaluation.

Jobs You may Qualify For: AI-Fullstack Engineer, AI-Frontend Engineer, Autonomous EngineerFrontend, Fullstack Engineer, Senior Frontend Engineer

Total Time to Graduate

4 months (recommended, ideally, at least 28 hours a week, every week)

Important Note About Time to Graduate: Every student must graduate by their graduation date.

Graduation Date

Since the time to graduate for this career path is four months, your graduation date is four months after this career path begins—. You can graduate sooner than the stated graduation date.

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Career Path Registration

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You must have a computer science degree or equivalent or must be a graduate of any of Bov Academy's web programming or software engineering career paths.

Since you don't meet the prerequisite, register for the Frontend Engineer or the Fullstack Engineer Career Path.

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