Introducing Bov Academy, an Innovation Hub of Immeasurable Optimism

student collage
Some students of Bov Academy's first cohort

Exceptionalism (graduate the most knowledgeable and proficient specialized software engineers, help them find enduring success, and inspire them to transform humanity), an impossible goal (eradicate poverty from much of the world within just 10 years), and an extraordinary mission (advance humans intellectually, socially, and technologically) make Bov Academy an innovation hub of immeasurable optimism and perhaps the most ambitious educational institution in the world.

At the academy, students train to become elite specialized software engineers while building groundbreaking technologies to solve exceedingly hard problems, such as the expeditious (within just 10 years) eradication of global poverty.

Not a Programming Boot Camp, Not a University, An Innovation Hub

Unlike programming boot camps, the majority of which offer a crash course in web development or mobile development or programming of some sort, and unlike the traditional universities that offer a four-year degree in computer science, Bov Academy offers a comprehensive yet swift (7–12 months) education in multiple specialized software-engineering career paths, many created by Bov Academy and offered by only Bov Academy. And students learn as they create consequential groundbreaking technologies to advance humanity at scale.

Some of the specialized software-engineering career paths Bov Academy offers include:

  • Algorithms Engineer (Created by Bov Academy)
  • Autonomous Engineer
  • Algorithmologist (A new field of computer science, created by the founder of Bov Academy, and which focuses on using AI to unlock the naturally occurring algorithms of nature)
  • Frontend and Fullstack Engineer
  • Frontend AI Engineer (Created by Bov Academy)
  • Fullstack AI Engineer (Created by Bov Academy)

Richard Bovell created the academy to help its students and graduates pursue their own enduring *success* while they work collectively to build technologies to transform the lives of hundreds of millions, the 80% of the world's population on the heavy end of the inequality balance.