How the Program Works

General Prerequisites

Just as graduates of the prestigious universities (Harvard, MIT, Stanford, etc.) are considered the most elite and well-educated, so too are Bov Academy graduates exceptional. However, unlike those universities, who accept only the highest achievers, we accept creative, relentless, and passionate students, no matter their academic achievement, and we train them to become excellent and successful.

To register in our program, you need these main qualifications:

  • Competence: You must be able to confidently solve at least basic algebra problems.
  • Relentlessness (Perseverance): We prefer students who will persevere through our demanding curriculum.
  • Creativity: Your creativity and relentlessness, not intelligence, will help you excel in our program and create pioneering technology and projects to advance humanity.
  • Knowledge of Basic JavaScript, HTML, and CSS (If you are applying to a web programming career path): If you don't already know at least basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, take our free Introduction to JavaScript and Modern Web Development prerequisite mini-course. You should be able to complete it within 2–3 weeks. You are eligible for the free course once you pass the brief entrance interview.

Career Paths and Courses

Each career path provides a complete web-programming education, tailored for a specific career or interest, and takes 4–12 months (depending on the career path) to complete. Our career paths are ideal for:

  • Anyone who wants to pursue a high-earning and rewarding career in web programming (frontend developer/engineer, fullstack engineer, startup founder, etc.), or any of a number of related programming and web development professions.
  • Developers who want to improve their UI/UX development knowledge and skills, programming skills, and problem-solving skills considerably.

The Graduation Bonus ($1000, $2000, and $3000)

Graduates from the Frontend and Fullstack Engineering career paths who use the standard payment option will get a bonus ($2,000 and $3,000, respectively) upon being placed in a job by Bov Academy after they graduate. Graduates of the Frontend Developer career path will get a $1,000 bonus upon being placed in a job by Bov Academy.

Pinnacle Project: Graduation Project that Advances Humanity

Every student builds a real-world graduation project, your Pinnacle Project, which can be a for-profit or nonprofit and must advance humanity to some degree.

Typically, your Pinnacle Project is a big project with far-reaching potential, and you could possibly benefit financially from the project.

Job Placement

We have a department that focuses exclusively on helping our graduates find jobs.

Intern Program

When you graduate, you could work remotely for Bov Academy or our stealth project for up to 3–4 months as a paid intern. Students compete for one of the rewarding internship positions.

Real-World Experience that Boosts Your Expertise, Earning Potential, and Prestige

You will get the opportunity publish professional articles and help to build sophisticated real-world applications that serve tens of thousands and millions of people. This experience will boost your earning potential, improve your professional stature, and prepare you for real-world high-paying web programming jobs.

Course Format

Our students take our courses online using our integrated platform.

What You Will Learn

For the list of courses and detailed syllabus for each career path, go to the "Register in a Career Path" section; see the button below.

At Bov Academy, we focus on five core technical skills that each of our graduates will master. These crucial skills follow:

  • Problem-Solving: To become an exemplary web programmer (that is, a developer with the confidence to develop just about any application you have to develop and the expertise to solve the real-world programming challenges you will encounter in your career) you must have outstanding problem-solving skills. Our curriculum focuses heavily on helping you improve your problem-solving skills to become a skilled problem solver.
  • UI Development: To become one of the best developers in the world, you must have the skills and confidence to develop nearly every kind of UI using only HTML and CSS. Indeed, by the time you graduate from Bov Academy, you will become a master UI developer, and you will possess a comprehensive portfolio that exemplifies your outstanding UI development skills.
  • Programming: We expect you to graduate with confidence and expertise in the programming language or languages you need to succeed on your chosen career path. Specifically, if you take our frontend development program, you will learn nearly the entire JavaScript language—every crucial JavaScript concept relevant to frontend development. We expect you to become a confident and formidable JavaScript developer.
  • Domain Proficiency: We help you acquire deep knowledge and proficiency in your area of specialization. If your focus is frontend development, we teach you the tools, techniques, and technologies used by professional, top-level frontend developers and we expect you to be skilled in those technologies and tools.
  • Written Communication: Not only we want you to become an outstanding programmer and UI developer, but we also want you to excel in your career and in life. Accordingly, we teach you crucial fundamentals and other beneficial techniques that will help you markedly improve your written communications skill, a virtue that will reward you in myriad ways and over your lifetime, not just in your web programming career.

Along with these core technical skills, we also focus on helping you become a meticulous and refined developer, and we teach you the intangibles to becoming successful.

Programs and Career Paths

Bov Academy offers career paths in the disciplines of Advanced Web Programming, Cybersecurity, and Futuristic Engineering. Each career path provides a comprehensive and complete education in a specific discipline.

1. Web Programming Career Paths

We offer the following web programming career paths:

Advanced Web Programming Career Paths

Each career path in the Advanced Web Programming program offers a comprehensive and highly rewarding education and opportunities to create technology to solve real-world problems.

The advanced program is for new and inexperienced programmers and boot camp and MOOC graduates with fewer than two and a half years of experience.

List of Advanced Web Programming Career Paths

  1. Career Path 1: Advanced JavaScript and UI/UX Developer (Begins )
  2. Career Path 2: Frontend Developer (Begins )
  3. Career Path 3: Frontend Software Engineer (Begins )
  4. Career Path 5: Fullstack Software Engineer (Begins )

Elite Web Programming Career Paths

The first cohort of our Elite Web Programming program will begin between sometime after August, 2017 when most of our students in the first cohort graduate from the frontend engineer career path.

Each career path in the Elite program offers a comprehensive and highly rewarding education and opportunities to create technology to solve real-world problems.

The Elite program is for professional developers and boot camp and MOOC graduates with more than three years of professional experience, and for computer science and Bov Academy Advanced graduates.

Elite Web Programming Career Paths

  1. Career Path 3E: Elite Frontend Developer (Begins )
  2. Career Path 5E: Elite Fullstack Developer (Begins )

2. Cybersecurity Career Paths

The first cohort of our cybersecurity program begins in Fall 2017. To learn more about the cybersecurity career paths, enter your name and email in the form below.

3. Futuristic Engineering Career Paths

The first cohort of our futuristic engineering program begins in Spring 2018. If you want to learn more about the futuristic engineering career paths, enter your name and email in the form below.

4. Other Programs Coming Later

Although we currently focus primarily on programming, cybersecurity, and futuristic engineering, later, we will bring new prestige and innovation to the performing arts when we offer career paths in the arts early in 2018. We believe some of the most important careers of the future will be in the arts. Subscribe to our newsletter below to indicate your interest in the forthcoming Arts program and to keep up to date with the latest at Bov Academy.

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